Cards of Love: The World Cover Reveal!

I’m thrilled to finally be able to share this cover with you! The World is part of the Cards Of Love Collection , with a different story being written by about 40 different authors!

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Release Date: October 25th
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My contribution to Cards Of Love is a novella, book two in the Swift series novellas each about a different sibling. Each novella can be read as a standalone but to get the best reader experience should be read together.

Each author will write a completely independent, standalone book (novel or novella) they will release, only connected to each other under the series name Cards of Love. Each book is loosely based on a Tarot card.

The World is a major Arcana card:

The Swift Family baseball dynasty is a Tennessee institution. But it’s brothers are known for more than their athletic prowess. First born Brick is tall, sexy, wealthy and intelligent. Unfortunately for the women of Memphis, he’s carrying old wounds that keep even the most remote chance for real love at a distance. As a respected sports agent, his athletes are the sole recipients of his attention.

January Jordan is at the top of her game. She recently negotiated the year’s biggest contract for her Memphis Mavericks client. Independent, funny, and free as a bird, she’s not looking for a man to fulfill her already satisfying life. There’s no time!

Then fate looks their way. A chance meeting ignites a flash fire between them that burns every excuse to ashes and makes denial impossible.

Oh, and that tarot card with the dancing figure found lying on the step of January’s house? Destiny’s greeting.

Coming soon!

I am thrilled to share with you the project I will be working on. A new Kindle World is born!
Adriana Locke has invited 11 authors to join the Landry Family.
Each book will be set in the same world with the Landry family making appearances, while every author brings a new story to the table.
My contribution to the series is…
The Curve
Cover Reveal: May 17th
Release date: June 5th

The Trouble with Eden is FREE until January 28th!

FREE for a limited time!

Is it bad that hours after meeting stuntman STEVEN FRENCH I was having mind blowing sex on the beach with him? If it is, then it’s the best bad decision of my life.

Ever since my marriage ended, relationships for me have existed at an arms distance. I’d stopped looking for a white knight to come rescue me, and learned to rely only on myself. It seemed like the best way to avoid being hurt again. But that was before a film crew became my Pacific Grove neighbors and before I saw those hypnotic green eyes. Now, despite all odds, we’re creating our own Eden.

But there’s only one thing wrong with the GARDEN OF EDEN…
There’s always a snake

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